Day Road Trip to Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is the most beautiful, mesmerizing, natural lake in the whole state of California. Fortunately, I’ve had the privilege of living only two hours away from Lake Tahoe recently. A day trip on the weekend is easy. There’s nothing like taking a weekend off and taking a trip to Lake Tahoe. If you’ve ever been to Lake Tahoe during the summertime, and more specifically, Fourth of July you will know what I’m talking about.
lake tahoe 4th of july road trip
Lake Tahoe has been a popular tourist spot for most Northern California residents, and most people in the country. Besides hosting the Winter Olympics in 1960, Lake Tahoe has been a desirable place to travel to for years.
There are many fun things to do in Lake Tahoe. It doesn’t matter what season it is, Tahoe has fun activities for everyone. In the wintertime I’ve taken trips to go snowboarding on some of the ski slopes. When it’s warmer in the summer, chilling on the beach with some friends is the best. If you’re a boat guy, like myself, wakeboarding or wake surfing on the lake is a good idea. Just make sure you bring a wetsuit, I learned this the hard way.
lake tahoe boating

The best part of going to Lake Tahoe in the springtime is hiking around many of the different trails and seeing what many scenic views are available. Hiking with a group is a good idea because there may be harmful bears or mountain lions that want to mess with you, if you’re by yourself.

lake tahoe hiking
I’ve always been a nature fanatic when it comes to scenery and gorgeous views. Lake Tahoe has so much to offer if you’re planning on renting a cabin in the woods for a weekend is also amazing. Whether it be Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, there are things to do at all times of the year.
lake tahoe scenery
I remember one time taking a day trip up to Lake Tahoe after Labor Day. My birthday is the day before Labor Day, so partying was a big deal. A large group of my high school friends drove up to the high Sierra’s and rented a nice cabin in the woods. Luckily, it was a warmer part of the year so everyone wanted to be outside. When you take a trip to Tahoe in the fall or winter, it’s fun to ski or snowboard outside, but that’s about it. Once the fun ski or snowboarding day is over, retreating into the warm cabin or house you’re staying at is the first thing that comes to mind.
tahoe skiing lake tahoe
It truly is an amazing ability to only live two hours away from Tahoe. It’s so refreshing to leave the valley, and retreat to the mountains for a couple days. The valley can be a boring, desolate place majority of the time throughout the year. Some people are so in love with Tahoe, they take a trip up to the mountains every weekend. I have family friends that own cabins in Lake Tahoe. I always wished my family had a cabin or house in Lake Tahoe to retreat to, but my family never seemed to be die hards about the land.
Living in Sacramento is perfect for day trips. If you look at Sacramento from a map you will notice how all the great cities to visit surround the area. Sacramento is the capital of California, and SF is to the west, Los Angeles to the south, and Lake Tahoe to the east. I’d much rather live in a central location that has all the attracting cities to visit near by, then to be isolated in one city or one part of the state. It’s funny to think how California has more citizens in the whole state than Canada has in the whole country. If you’re thinking of a fun place to visit, hangout, or party Lake Tahoe is one of the best. The beautiful Sierra mountains are a great break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Everyone needs a day trip to Tahoe, especially if you’re in Sacramento.
lake tahoe sacramento road trip

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