Road Trip to San Antonio, Texas

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In my childhood, my dad would frequently get antsy when he stays in the same city for so long. His discomfort with going to work and coming back to his home so often throughout a month would build up inside him, which led to my sister and I taking frequent vacations with my father to go camping, visiting cities, or day trips.

During our summer vacation from school, this trips became quite often. My dad was a teacher himself, so he often had extended vacations with us. The summer going into my seventh grade year was San Antonio, Texas.

Our journey begins with packing up all of our stuff into the jeep for a halfway cross country trip. We had to park our car about 30 yards from our house where we dragged all of our luggage. Our driveway was still wet from freshly poured cement and the trucks of blocking the part of the block near our house. While the start of the trip started with a struggle, we had about a day to rest it off before we would even get close to San Antonio.

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We commenced our journey leaving Stockton, CA, and began heading south. We knew that we would be trecking through a ton of big cities, so my enthusiasm gave me the energy to stay awake through the beginning of the trip.

While the travel south towards Los Angeles isn’t much to see other than desert. There are a couple of farms and some stenchy piles of manure to see along the way once we get over the grapevine, it’s a pretty exhilarating journey.

The massive Los Angeles area is astounding to see, and the many cities that litter the SoCal area are a site to see throughout the world. We left Stockton at 6 am, and arrived to the Los Angeles area around noon, luckily, we didn’t hit any traffic. For one of the first times in my life, I got a sense of what the big city environment is truly like. There are tons of high rising buildings, skyscraper types. Shopping everywhere, interesting looking people scattered the streets. Some streets had palm trees lining up the center divider. Having never seen anything like it before this, it was an extremely interesting perspective to finally get through the city that is represented in many medias all around the world.

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As we left Los Angeles, we started to make our journey through desert yet again to Phoenix, AZ. Through Los Angeles to Phoenix, there is a highway that practically connects the two cities. There was virtually no traffic along the way, and I found this to be a somewhat more enlightening experience than the drive through the desert between Stockton and L.A. Another part of the thrilling experience during this drive was the sun was not quite setting, but was beginning to set. The orange, yellow, and red sky that began to mesh well with the warm colored desert is certainly a sight to see and had my family in amazement throughout our journey into the desert.

phoenix arizona road trip

Phoenix is a huge city, and I had no idea just how big it was until we approached it and entered into the area. The city is populated with 1.5 million people, but isn’t quite what you would call a congested city. While it has a ton of people living there, the city area is quite large and people all have their space to live in. What interested me the most about Phoenix was the drive outside of the downtown city area. The infrastructure was quite impressive compared to what I have seen throughout California, and the orange sky mixed with the warmness of the atmosphere and environment left a soothing feel to my senses.

After leaving Phoenix, we were on our way to Tucson, which is another city in Arizona. One of the more populated cities, Tucson had an impressive atmosphere as well. We approached the city which is of Phoenix. This time, I was able to see the impressive skyline in the distance after the sun had set and the lights from the city illuminated the sky. Tucson was an impressive city, and it is worthy enough to be on my list of cities to visit.

On our exit of Tucson, we came to the interesting city of El Paso, Texas. While people may be more familiar with the city in New Mexico, El Paso, Texas was an city barely within the western border of Texas near the borders of New Mexico and Arizona, and it kind of had a vibe that mixed the two. We took a nap in El Paso for about 4 hours in the grim of the night before my dad decided he was ample to drive again.

el paso texas

Leaving El Paso in the morning, we had yet another desert drive to do. Luckily for us, my dad had the willpower to wake up at 4 am, and we had the opportunity to drive as the sun began to rise in the east, as we drove that way. It is actually quite awe inspiring driving towards a sun the is rising as you are in the middle of the continental United States. You get the first chance to see the sky become illuminated with morning colors as we drove towards the sun rise.

On this seven hour drive, I was a little sleepy, but the memory of watching the sun rise in the deserts of Texas are something that I will never leave behind, and were perhaps the the most influencing aspect of the trip onto my creative mind. Having been able to think about just watching the sun set behind me the night before and watching the sun rise ahead of me as we were driving to San Antonio. The thoughts that were going through my head at the time were loosely based on the idea of always looking ahead toward the light. Even when that light is vanquishing behind you, there will always be a  light a light to look ahead to soon enough. Keep the spirits up fellow travelers.

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